Hi, my name's Silvia, but you can call me Sil. Yes I love girls but there are some guys that make me question my sexuality. I ship CrissColfer but I also really like Mia and Will. OTPs: Klaine, Brittana, Tike, Bravid, Britin. Huge nerd and I love reading books and comics (Marvel and DC). Also huge Starkid.


The Sylvester/Warbler feud is a Mariah/Minaj “I Still Believe”/”Superbass” mash-up, and if you ever wondered what the fever dream of a lesbigay TV recapper looks like, this is it. Jane Lynch and Darren Criss and fog machines and black lights and circus-colored everything and beautiful harmony and ass-shaking and Lynch just mugging at the camera for like three full minutes with her beautiful, perfect face. The winner is: Every gay everywhere. Glee is so queer sometimes I still can’t believe it is on Fox. Anyway, nice try, gay Clark Kent from season one of Smallville.

Heather Hogan: ‘Glee’ Recap 4.16: Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Rage Breasts (AfterEllen.com)

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Today is the day. The day that we get to watch AVPSY.

Here’s the deal…

An HOUR before it goes up onto YouTube, let’s get Going Back One Last Time trending. So, that’s 7PM EST, 6PM Central, 4PM PST… For non-American times, please check Google :)

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"According to the coroner's report, Carson Phillips was killed when he was struck by a bolt of lightning during the storm in the late afternoon of Thursday, March 15."
"According to the coroner's report, Carson Phillips was killed 
when he was struck by a bolt of lightning during the storm in
the late afternoon of Thursday, March 15."


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he misses kurt and i gave myself feels


So I went back and watched all of the choir room scenes from this season and in almost all of them, there is an empty chair beside Blaine (that sometimes has his bag on it like he’s saving it) or empty space enough to put a chair next to him. There are only four scene where that isn’t the case - the first gif being one of them which everyone else leaves open except for Wade/Unique who doesn’t know better yet.

There definitely seems to be an unspoken thing in ND about leaving a spot open next to Blaine. Even Brit in Dynamic Duos walks to the back row when there is clearly a chair next to Blaine.

the idea of this unspoken understanding just kills me. These kids may be loud and crazy and loud, but you can learn a lot from what is left silent

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Happy Anniversary, guys

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Every once in a while, this terrible show gets something important very, very right, and every once in a while, I am actually, unironically glad that it exists. Good job, Glee. I mean that sincerely.

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Not A Destination


I got sappy about Klaine going to estate sales. 

Summer: Brownie Box Camera

“I hate everyone in this line. As soon as I can walk under my own power I’m taking them all down.”

“It’s too early to be mutinous, Kurt.”

“It’s too early to be anything, Blaine.”

Blaine just bounces on his toes and grins, then turns away to crane around the people lined up in front of them and Kurt can only hope that Blaine can feel the full wrath of his irritation boring into the back of his chipper, shiny head. 

“Six-thirty am. On a Saturday. On the first week of summer vacation,” Kurt grumbles. Just in case Blaine is still not getting the memo.

It would appear he is willfully avoiding the memo, given how he then bops Kurt on the nose and enthuses, “Early bird gets the worm!”

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Blaine Anderson and the Red Thong



idek what this is. thong reaction fic? i have no excuses for it. i just blame blaine anderson and sue and the fact that it is canon that blaine wears thongs because my brain can’t even handle that information. warning for a bit of d/s like play i guess?

Blaine stands on the floor by the end of the bed, his hands holding onto the hard wooden bedframe. He bites down his bottom lip, as he readjusts his legs, arching his back a bit more so his ass juts out further. 

“Very nice.” Blaine smiles at the praise, his eyes closing and the cheeks on his face flushing. 

“Thank you sir,” he murmurs quietly. 

A soft hand runs down the arch of his back, petting over him and continuing to the dip and curve above his ass. “So very nice like this.” 

Blaine’s breathing stills as he feels Kurt’s fingers curl underneath the red, lacy thong, tugging on it. Blaine can feel the responding tug in his cock and balls, the fabric tightening around them. He gasps when Kurt releases it, the elastic snapping back into place and against his skin. 

“Hold tight.” Kurt’s voice comes as a sharp reminder, his hands gripping tighter to the wooden frame as he can feel Kurt moving around behind him, hands grasping his hips and the soft slide of his trousers against Blaine’s oversensitive skin. 

“Look so gorgeous like this Blaine,” Kurt murmurs, softly. A hand strokes up and then down his side, running over his ass before he feels a sharp smack. He gasps hard and it comes again in the same exact spot. “Love how you look like this. Love how your ass looks like this, perfect and on display and turning as red as your thong and just for me.” Kurt’s voice is quiet, practically crooning in his ear as his hand comes back down on him, spanking him again. 

Blaine knows the rules; he doesn’t say anything, just gasps and whimpers when Kurt’s hand comes down again, same exact spot and he can feel it beginning to actually sting this time. Kurt’s hand keeps up a rhythm on his ass until its glowing red and bright and Blaine can’t hold back any longer and he cries out, a broken and needy whine that barely even sounds like Kurt’s name. He tries so hard to hold out as long as possible and Kurt knows he can’t.

Kurt! Kurt please I can’t— Please I need—” 

And just like that Kurt’s around him, arms wrapping around his body, Kurt’s chest molded to his back and hips snug against his burning ass. 

“Such a good boy for me, you’re so good. So very good.” Kurt’s hand slides down his stomach to wrap around his cock, barely stroking him three times before Blaine is crying out wordlessly again, coming thick and hard in Kurt’s hand, his cock still constrained in the Cheerio thong. 

Kurt kisses the side of his temple, nuzzling his nose into the soft curls by his ear and humming quietly, his arms still around Blaine, body still curled up close behind his. Blaine’s body feels exhausted and limp as he lets go of the bed frame, falling back into Kurt’s arms and knowing he is going to catch him.  


today is



  • the day Carson Phillips died. He never got to live out his dreams.
  • the release day of AVPSY. We’re going back to Hogwarts one last time.
  • Kurt and Blaine’s two year anniversary. They’re still broken up.


fucking too much for one day